Welcome to How To: The G Spot!

I created How To: The G Spot after talking to a friend. We've known each other forever, and I've always thought of her as being secure, feminine and maybe a little adventurous in her sexuality. Well, after a day of baking and a few potent, um, fruit drinks, she threw out there that she'd never actually had an orgasm. Never. 

I was surprised. We talked about it a bit, and she said that after years of trying, she just doesn't anymore. She still loves sex, but she doesn't go for that grand finale.

Like anyone else, I've had times where I just couldn't get there. But, I've learned lots of little tricks to sort of help it along. Lots of women and men still believe that a vaginal orgasm is a myth; I assure you, it's not! But, if you've never had one before, you probably need to learn how to have a g spot orgasm.

How To: The G Spot is for women (and men) who want to know how to find the g spot, how to stimulate the g spot and what the best products for the g spot are. Soul shaking, earth shattering, relentless g spot orgasms are possible. Stick around and find out more!

P.S.: How To: The G Spot is in it's beta stages, or under contruction, or whatever you want to call it. I'm updating frequently however, so be sure to check back often!

How to: The G Spot is for You! (and You, and You...)


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